Ye Dil Hai Ki Chordarwaja

Hindi's first LGBT short-story collection which moves beyond the trope of ‘coming out’ and pulls back the curtain on repressed sexual desire

Yeh Dil Hai Ki Chordarwaja is a groundbreaking LGBT short-story collection that goes beyond the clichés of ‘coming out’. Unlike contemporary short fiction in Indian languages, this collection imagines queerness in social spaces and the potential conflicts that arise when queer desire clashes with conventional ideas of love. The book provides a diverse range of stories that feature queer characters navigating their everyday lives and dealing with the abuse of heteronormative society and the complexities of queer spaces.

Through the tales of a young boy trapped in the world of Grindr, a woman seeking to feel desirable by having sex with her husband's gay partner, and a couple searching for clues to their son's abuser, this collection addresses themes of love and the struggle between individual desire and societal expectations.

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