After Umar

A sense of wonder made plain, at Jamia
Walls of resistance covered in vain, at Jamia

Libraries shattered, dissent stifled
and then the oppressed, blamed, at Jamia

the body of revolution must hold space for empathy
so witness a willed resistance, aflame, at Jamia

My dreams are haunted by your not-being
What you left behind we did reclaim at Jamia

Architect and poet, Shahzeb Athar is currently studying Architectural and Cultural Heritage at Dessau, far away from his Beloved Delhi. When not working on his thesis, he is planning (read daydreaming about) walks in Delhi, or waxing poetic about whatever seemingly insignificant thing he lays eyes upon. He refers to himself as a Graveyard of Memories, but when asked to describe himself resorts to Ghalib couplets.

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Instagram: @atharshahzeb