We are looking for writings that question power structures and rattle the status quo. We are looking for fiction, nonfiction, poetry and cross-genre writings that are deeply dissatisfied with the ideas of gender, sexuality, ableism, caste, class, colour and any other discriminatory factor. We are especially partial to reprints and translations as long as the author has the rights.

We also love book reviews and conversations with or features on authors and activists.

We also need one covert art work for every issue.

Please take a look at the existing issues of the magazine before you submit.

i. Mention SUBMISSION - 'Genre' in the subject line of your email.
ii. Send your submissions as attached Word file, font size 12
iii. If you are submitting artwork please send us a high resolution image with your signature or watermark
iv. Send in your submissions to:
Poetry submissions to:
Short fiction submissions to:
Translations submissions to:
Book reviews and extracts
Interview pitches to: &
Artwork to:
v. Write your ~80 word bio in third person in the email body
vi. We do not offer payment for acceptance
vii. We do not offer feedback on works we do not accept.