Call for Submissions for Usawa’s December Issue on the theme of Kindness

In a conversation with Krista Tippett, the healer Rachel Naomi Remen narrates a creation myth that has resonances for our times. According to this myth, the original light of the universe was shattered into a thousand pieces which were then lodged as tiny shards inside creation’s every aspect. The highest human calling, says Remen, is to look for this light, to hold it, and in so doing, to heal the world. That light is the light of kindness, a tool that is gentle, sharp and practical at the same time. It is kindness that helps us tunnel our way back to ourselves through the maze of living. And more than ever before, it is kindness – both individual and systemic – that this world needs. Usawa’s December issue is dedicated to the theme of kindness as something that cuts across all areas of human enterprise. This accounts for Usawa’s aim of challenging hegemonies, including, of course, the hegemony of gender. We invite submissions on this theme, broadly interpreted, in the following genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, translations, creative nonfiction, and journalistic writing. We also publish book reviews, author or activist interviews, and excerpts from book length publications. Mail your submissions to us by: 30 September, 2022.


i.) Mention SUBMISSION - 'Genre' in the subject line of your email.
ii.) Send your submissions as attached Word file, font Garamond, font size 12.
iii.) If you are submitting artwork please send us a high resolution image with your signature or watermark.
iv.) Please send in your works to the respective Editors:

Submit 1-4 poems to our Poetry Editor, Vinita Agrawal, at

From the December issue onwards, Usawa will be publishing unpublished poems only. Poems that have been shared on the author’s social media will be acceptable. If you have work that resonates strongly with the theme, but has been published online or in print before do share the same with the Editor stating why you would like the piece to be considered. The body of editors will review it collectively and take a decision accordingly.

Submit short fiction of length up to 5000 words to our Fiction Editor, Babitha Marina Justin, at

Submit your translated works to Srilata K at Please ensure that you have the original author’s consent.

Send Book Reviews, Interview Pitches, and Excerpts to our Books Editors, Smita Sahay and Shobhana Kumar, at and

Submission Guidelines for Book Reviews
Please follow these guidelines when you consider submitting a book review to Usawa.
•  800-1200 words long
•  Have a clear theme of the essay, related to the idea of equality or feminism, and pertinent to the issue being called for.
•  Please ensure the review includes a brief look at the author's oeuvre.
•  A look at literary predecessors and the tradition to place this particular work as part of an ever evolving literary landscape will uniquely position the review.
•  What does the work set out to do? Does it achieve that objective effectively?
•  What more could the work have addressed?
•  What are the linguistic and stylistic strengths of the work?
•  What weaknesses and limitations do you notice?
•  Who do you recommend the book to? Why? How strongly do you recommend it?

Submit non fiction of length up to 5000 words to our Non Fiction Editor, Shobhana Kumar, at

For any other queries please write to our Editor at or our Associate Editor at
v.) Write your ~80 word bio in third person in the email body of your submission. Do send your photograph, and your social media handles too.
vi.) We neither offer payment for acceptance, nor provide feedback on the pieces that we decline.
viii.) You can submit up to one submission for each genre in a given submission period.
ix.) Last date for submission: Midnight 30th September, 2022, IST.