Visual Narratives FAQ

    The Visual Narratives section focuses on narratives which emerge out of a marriage of visuals and text. The focus in this section is primarily on visuals, the text simply complementing and enriching the images. It is the visual element which powerfully shapes and drives forward the narrative, the images articulating and conveying much more than perhaps words can at times.

    The central difference in both these sections is the presence of the visual; as mentioned above, the visual is the dominant factor here, the text merely playing a supporting role. I see the text as a framework through which to perceive visuals; the visuals are what really constitute and convey the narrative. The narrative should successfully work even if there is little text involved.

    I am looking for submissions that will excitingly and uniquely interpret the theme through the medium of images. The visuals can function as strongly stand-alone while part of a series of images. I would like the viewer to take away a strong, palpable sense of the visuals and the story they are sharing with the readers. Given that ULR focuses on work that ‘question hierarchies, hegemonies and naturalized biases,’ as expressed in our mission statement, I would be interested in submissions which incorporate or touch upon these ideas in various contexts. A visual can yield multiple stories, many of them hidden or in the background; I hope these submissions will shine light on stories that would not otherwise see light of the day.