Three Translated Flash Fiction Pieces From Poland

    Author: Christopher T. Dabrowski
    Translated by: Julia Mraczny


    He was bald, blind, deaf, mute, humpback dwarf without legs or arms.
    No contact with the world. It was just the appearances – he had a sixth sense. He received vibrations, emanations of
    reality. It was good for him. He was floating in his vibrations, washing off his disability.
    He would not want to be like others. He wouldn’t want to lose his gift.
    One day appeared a man, claiming to be Jesus…
    To prove that he was who he said, he performed a spectacular miracle.
    Dwarf regained his eyesight, speech and hearing.
    But the desperate healed man committed suicide.


    Not again – he sighed, materializing in an imaginary classroom. He was alone, although there were other students here. He did not see them. Only the teacher could see everyone.

    A long-legged blonde with blue eyes entered the room.

    – Maciek! – She threatened him with a finger.
    – But Professor…
    – You are not focusing on learning.
    – Okay, well…

    The blonde turned into an obese middle-aged woman.

    The teacher had artificially induced multiple personalities. Each personality taught a different student. Ever since humanity mastered conscious dreaming dreams have become a nightmare for children. Fortunately, only when they woke up, they had time for themselves. 

    3. CONTACT

    They finally arrived, revealed their existence. A spaceship hung over the city.
    Humanity gathered in front of the TV.
    The vehicle landed. All viewers held their breaths.
    People came out… The disappointment showed on billions of faces.
    What? They are just like us!
    A light-year ago, the alien ship – the message from the probe:
    “There is an intelligent life form there”
    They’ve found another civilisation!
    After the aeons spent in emptiness, they come across an oasis of life.
    Watching the first transmission, they wiped their eyes with amazement.
    After all, they are just like us! Wonderful!
    The great joy ruled.

    Christopher T. Dabrowski, Polish writer and screenwriter from the beautiful UNESCO heritage city of Kraków, has approximately 750 publications, in books, screenplays and anthologies across the continents of Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Know more about his work here.

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