Usawa is a movement, a part of the global community working towards equality,
    empathy, and peace. The Usawa Newsletter is:

    • to keep you updated with the latest ongoings in the world of feminism, literature,
      and allied arts,
    • a platform to thank the people, publications, and organisations whose work we
    • a useful resource for writers where we collate information such as open
      submissions, literary grants and residencies, and
    • to strike a dialogue with you – our readers. We want to read your response to
      news stories and current happenings. 

    If a news item pertaining to women’s rights, LGBTQI rights, caste issues, forms of oppression,
    and other issues that feminism must take notice of moves you, please write
    to us. Our rolling submissions are always open. 

    We are a monthly newsletter that goes out on the 21st of each month. The last date for
    submission is the
    18th of the same month

    Word limit: up to 700 words
    In your write up please mention the news item with its original link.

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