We are open for submissions for Issue 11 slated to go live in June'24.
Deadline: 15th April'24 11:59 PM IST


Primordial appetites – mother’s milk, a father’s warm touch, the flashy colours of a toy train, the appetite to love, the insatiable curiosity to delve into the mysteries of life. Before we know it, our appetites turn subliminal: to belong, to be, to ignite passion.

Epicurean, sartorial or romantic, how many walls should you scale before your appetite is satiated? What belief systems take away your very right to have the appetite to eat, drink, wear, love, be? Which insatiable appetites leave you, or your character starving forever in silence? 

Only royalty had the right to the tender succulence of jackfruit, or to purple fabric. And isn’t there that infamous historical anecdote of the suggestion to have cake instead of bread that led to a revolution?

What revolutions are brewing in you? Give in to your appetite to resist, protest, unsilence – without restraint, without censorship. Gulp down this theme of appetite, allow it to reveal the hungers within you.

And then, write to us with your stories, poems, essays, visual narratives, book reviews, and interviews in English and in translations into English. We’re waiting, famished, for your literary works.

With love,

Team Usawa