Two Poems

By Shamayita Sen

What I’ll miss most about home as I leave Kolkata this spring:

A pair of starlings
squat on a leafy branch of
the Kadam tree opposite our verandah.
A furry friend jumps off our terrace
and squirrels past my arms, placid against
balcony railings. Sometimes a couple red-hooded peckers
or green pigeons join their baithak. A crow burrows
leaves and bones in the hollow of our
bedroom skylight. I run to inform Maa
about the trespassing, almost forgetful that
these are only reminders of the lone Ashok tree
waiting at the entrance of our gully in
North Delhi, posed as a landmark
for delivery guys and acquaintances
on their
quest to
my nest.

Senryu / micro poems

bird song ~
a dash of hope in
my empty heart

first rain,
trembling green…
new love blossoms

beyond the borders, my homeland

winter rain…
the geometry of grief
on your sleeping face

school after long—
a bunch of flowers
for her teacher

Shamayita Sen is a Delhi based poet, lecturer and PhD research scholar (Department of English, University of Delhi). She is the author of for the hope of spring: hybrid poems, and editor of Collegiality and Other Ballads: feminist poems by male and non-binary allies. Her poems have appeared in various avenues including Ambidextrous Bloodhound Press, Muse Pie Press, Madras Courier, Outlook India, Muse India, Setu, The Red River Book of Poetry of dissent: WITNESS.

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