by Babitha

    Make Kindness your Shadow

    We live in a world where violence is treated with horror on the one hand, and the other , it gets normalized with the same tempo. Violence appears everywhere, from domestic to public spaces, from gang violence and abuse to terrorism and military wars. It has penetrated cultures and remained accepted throughout history, leaving a trail of devastation, suffering, loss, and agony. To break the cycle and promote a more peaceful society, it is pertinent to address this persistent matter, which deserves our undivided attention. To do this, in this issue, we feature stories that explore the bluntness and subtleties of violence in real and imagined forms to encourage empathy and make long-term investments that give thrust to justice and peace. We feature Aneeta Sundararj, Gargi Binju, Samruddhi, Shalim M. Hussain and Zachary Tichauer Bushnell in this issue, who dazzle us with their stellar writings.


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