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Dr. Sarita Subramaniam

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Dr. Sarita Subramaniam is a dental surgeon by profession, and a wildlife activist by passion. She has nurtured great fondness for animals since childhood, and now heads her not-for-profit organization called Earth Brigade Foundation, whose primary focus is wildlife conservation. Being an avid bird watcher and nature enthusiast, she has travelled extensively within India, visiting natural habitats and understanding the ground realities. She is deeply concerned about the decimation of wild habitats by human activities, and works towards resolution of man-animal conflict. She has been at the forefront of campaigns to get justice for wronged tigers, such as Ustad of Ranthambore, and Avni of Maharashtra. Her NGO Earth Brigade Foundation provides solar installations to run pumps in forests, bringing drinking water to parched Indian forests. The organization also works for assisting frontline forest staff, as well as for locals involved in conservation work.