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By Manabika


“Angry rants won’t address the problem”.

For most parts this is what I have maintained on my social media presence. But then once in a while, cis-het men piss the fuck out of me with their micro aggression.

So an angry rant matters.

An angry queer non-binary face taking up space on your feed matters.

Don’t casually tell me how a “sex-change*” is all I need, or how I’d do you a favour by not putting up my contorted face on my stories.

I have dealt with your cis-het norms all my life. Try listening when I show you mine.

If it makes you too uncomfortable, please ask yourself why.

*For those uninitiated:

1. Some, and not all trans people choose to/can access gender affirming surgeries. They might be assigned a “sex” at birth, but in no way do they “change” or “switch over” to another “sex-category”.
2. Sex-categories are not inclusive of intersex folx.
3. There is no one way of being a trans (binary or non-binary) individual.
4. It’s extremely disrespectful to bring up surgery with trans folx without their consent.
5. Non-binary folx don’t owe you cis-ness.

This was first posted on Instagram

Manabika is a queer individual, trying to negotiate their space in this cis-heteronormative world. They are a researcher with a public interest oriented group, and enjoys making sense of the world through pictures.

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