Tanka, Haiku and two found poems

by Tejinder Sethi


shiuli flower
trembles in the night breeze
and perishes at dawn …
what shall I give into
but the burden of my karma


starlit night …
on a pavement
in tattered clothes
a beggar sings Kabira
enlightening the passers-by


azure waters
fill the cracks of my poems
I heal
I heal

(published on Instagram, Facebook on my page)


her fingers scribble
his name on the sand
silently letting the waves
sweep away …
as they did, his body

Haiku String

silent waters —
holding the ache

blood moon —
fury of high tides
in his eyes

torn apart
piece by piece —

an old peepal —
bare limbs
hang in the air

ashes —
the stench of
patriarchy in the air


with her powerful weapon,
is a river
without shore


birds migrate
Oh abandoned one

Found Poems from Pablo Neruda’s Love poems, ‘Body of a woman and The song of despair’

Tejinder Sethi is a bi-lingual poet currently residing in Bangalore. She freelances in creative writing. She has authored an e-book of Hindi Poetry, ‘Cotton Blooms – Kapaas Ke Phool’. While most of her poems are a melange of her life experiences, the subject close to her heart is the narratives of India – Pakistan Partition. One of her soul stirring poems from the collection ‘Kapaas Ke Phool’ on the Partition of 1947, was awarded and featured by the Partition Museum, Amritsar. Her creations, Shaneel, A Journey to Nowhere, Tareekh, Golden Lotus, Voice Of Draupadi and others have been published in various anthologies and journals. Inspired by ‘karumi’ (lightness) and ‘ma’ (space/emptiness) in haikai aesthetics, she has recently transitioned from free verse to haikai verse. triya is a digital space she’s carved for the translations of her published haiku, tanka, haibun and tanka prose. You can reach her at tejisethi13@gmail.com

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