Crumbs of Moment

    by Ustat Kaur Sethi


    Name of the Book: Crumbs of Moment
    Publisher: Hawakal Publishers Private Limited
    Pages: 53
    Cost: Rs 170


    First light crickets calling the chorus to an end


    End of service
    freshly plucked peonies
    still on the tombstone


    a new mandala
    on the white wall

    Ustat Kaur Sethi is a student of Cambridge International Examinations (Advanced Levels) at The National Academy For Learning, Bangalore. She is the recipient of the Young Writers Award at the National Katha Festival, 2018. Her haiku was conferred with the Tejas Award inApril 2019 in the Cattails — A journal of the United Haiku and Tanka Society.

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