Kindness is all

By Ranu Uniyal

Kindness is an urn: empty it
With barbs of disbelief.
It would still, flow.

Kindness is a patch of green: tight as fist
Plough it, walk on it.
It would still, grow.

Kindness is a door: with cracks and hinges
Bang it, bolt it.
It would still, welcome.

Kindness is a fruit: not so ripe and ready to eat
Peel it, pulp it.
It would still, harvest.

Kindness is a virtue: unfazed but wise
Abandon it, devalue it.
It would still, rise.

Ranu Uniyal is a bilingual poet from Lucknow. She is Professor of English, University of Lucknow. She has written four books of poetry- Across the Divide (2006), December Poems (2012), The Day We Went Strawberry Picking in Scarborough (2018) and Saeeda Ke Ghar (Hindi poems 2021). In 2022 she co-edited Reading Gandhi: Perspectives in the 21st Century. Her work has been translated into Hindi, Oriya, Malayalam, Marathi, Spanish, Urdu, and Uzbek languages. She also works for people with special needs in Lucknow ( She can be reached at

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